From providing Staffing, Consulting and Systems Integration Services to managing IT and business functions on behalf of our clients, APEX provides an all-encompassing offering that includes the planning, design, implementation and management of highly effective IT environments.

Our global delivery capabilities include onsite and off-shore options, giving our clients the flexibility to choose the model that best meets their needs and requirements.

Through our vertical expertise in financial services, government and healthcare, telecommunications and utilities, retail and distribution and manufacturing, we provide clients with a partner that is not only expert in IT, but also expert in their industries. This combination of business knowledge and technology expertise allows us to help our clients adapt as their industries change, and in the process, allows us to help evolve the industries in which we operate.

More importantly, APEX has a large pool of employees and associate consultants, who provide a diverse skill set -- in Internet, Client Server, ERP/CRM, and Network Infrastructure technologies. Their diverse experience, education and backgrounds have helped us create a deep collective pool of talent and knowledge, and ensures that APEX brings strong domain and product knowledge to our services.


Banking & Brokerage
The challenges facing the banking industry cover all aspects of the business: from how to manage relationships with retail customers, meeting the needs of the small and medium businesses, to the requirements of the largest corporate clients.
Time-to-market and customer loyalty in the Telecommunications world is crucial. You need effective information systems that will strengthen your business as it changes and grows.
Pharma & Healthcare
Organizations within the Healthcare industry are constantly looking for new ways to leverage information technology in order to reduce medical errors, promote patient safety and improve service.
APEX is keenly aware that aggressive go-to-market cycles, extreme competitive pressures, an ever-changing technology landscape and the paucity of skilled resources are facts of life in the technology and services industry.
The insurance industry is facing a myriad of challenges. These are driving the need to contain and control costs quickly.
As societies and economies evolve, largely due to the influence of globalization, changing demographics, and the rise of the digital economy, governments are "reinventing" themselves to meet new expectations and the priorities of businesses.